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  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2018, “Alpha Zeta”, Veneto Valpolicella, 75cl

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2018, “Alpha Zeta”, Veneto Valpolicella, 75cl


    This olive oil is made from old olive trees grown in the Valpantena valley situated north east of Verona. The cool breezes that blow off the foothills of the Dolomites are funnelled down this valley and make it ideal for the cultivation of vines and olives. The proximity of Lake Garda ensures the viability of oil production at this northerly latitude in Italy.


    On arrival at the ‘frantoio’ (mill), the olives (Grignano & Favarol varieties) were crushed by modern continuous, stainless steel presses. The paste and resulting oil were both protected from oxygen in order to maintain the delicacy and freshness of flavour in the olives. The oil was held in stainless steel tanks until bottling.



    Golden-green in colour with a light, delicate perfume of fresh grass and ripe olives. This oil is light and delicate, with a fresh, grassy taste, medium body and a smooth, ripe finish. The Veneto oil doesn’t have the more aggressive style of the oils from further south in Italy and is excellent for drizzling over more delicate dishes.