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  • “Mamont” Vodka, Siberia, 40% vol, 70cl

    “Mamont” Vodka, Siberia, 40% vol, 70cl


    Inspired by the discovery of the frozen, preserved Yukagir mammoth in northern Yakutir, Arctic Siberia in 2002, Mamont is a super premium Siberian vodka.


    The Itkul Distillery is Siberia’s oldest distillery, founded in 1868. Today it is the only distillery in the whole of Russia to produce alcohol from pure malt.


    Local natural ingredients and control at each production stage are the key values of the exceptional quality of Mamont Vodka.


    Key Features

    • Inspired by the Yukagir Mammoth
    • Unique tusk shaped bottles
    • White winter wheat
    • Altai Mountain spring water
    • Silver Birch charcoal filtered
    • Distilled 6 times for a smooth flavour
    • A hint of sweetness with a dry finish
    • One of the finest Siberian Vodkas


    “Mamont Vodka expresses the wild spirit of Siberia through its purity and wild nature. This authentic and crafted vodka is produced out of locally grown white winter wheat in the Oldest distillery in Russia. Uniquely shaped, Mamont Vodka gives homage to the famous Siberian Mammoth. Discover your adventurous spirit by exploring the Spirit of Siberia.”