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Dry White "Rabbit" Port, Niepoort, Porto, 20% vol, 75cl

Dry White “Rabbit” Port, Niepoort, Porto, 20% vol, 75cl

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Niepoort Dry White is made in the traditional style with long skin maceration. The final blend includes different wines aged in oak casks with an average of 3½ years.


The white grapes undergo long skin maceration, occasionally with foot treading in lagares, with fermentation carrying on to near dryness, before the addition of pure grape brandy. Ageing is carried in small old oak casks in our cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia for at least 3½ years before bottling.


Golden/brown in colour with a delightful aroma of nuts and almonds which comes through on the palate with a fresh concentrated spirity finish, from extended ageing in small old oak barrels.


Dry White is lovely if served chilled as an aperitif or as a long drink with Tonic Water, ice and a twist of lemon.