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"Guimaraens"  2004, Fonseca , Oporto, 20.5% vol, 75cl

“Guimaraens” 2004, Fonseca , Oporto, 20.5% vol, 75cl

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“Guimaraens” Vintage Ports are made in years when the wines are more supple and early maturing but  nevertheless they share the origins, heritage and complex fruity style of the classic Fonseca vintages and are drawn from the produce of the same three estates. They differ only in that they are more approachable, ready to drink earlier and more accessibly priced.


The 2003/2004 winter was very dry, having only rained 1/3 of the quantity registered the previous winter. The concern in July was mainly one of doubting the vines capacity to ripen the grapes due to the drastic shortage of water.


The vintage stood out for the perfect weather conditions for the whole period. The young Ports showed good structure with very fresh berry fruit aromas, resulting from the cooler than normal ripening period.


The fresh blackberry fruit aromas are enhanced by a wonderfully aromatic, scented quality.


A huge amount of depth and backbone to this Port. Everything is in harmony and perfect balance. The dark berry fruit flavours marry perfectly with the tannins. A very fine wine.