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“Sweet Carolyn” 2015/16, Vondeling Farm, Voor-Paardeberg, Paarl, 9.5% vol, 50cl

“Sweet Carolyn” 2015/16, Vondeling Farm, Voor-Paardeberg, Paarl, 9.5% vol, 50cl

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100% Muscat de Frontignan.


This wine is made from a single block and much of this wine is quite literally made in the vineyards.

The process begins by crimping the stems of the grapes. This crimping process stops the supply of water to the bunch, causing the berries to dessicate on the vine. Crimping is done before the grapes are fully ripe and still high in natural acidity. The crimping process therefore concentrates both the sugar and the acidity of the berries and is allowed to continue for one week only.


The grapes are then harvested and placed on beds of straw in wooden sheds. The straw helps disperse moisture and prevent rot. It is important that there is good ventilation during the drying phase. This raisining process takes approximately 10 days.


The grapes are destemmed and crushed, but because they are dry, almost no juice is released. In order to extract all the sugar and as much of the juice as possible, the wine is allowed to begin fermenting on the skins before being pressed. This pressed juice is sent directly to barrel to complete its fermentation.


Fermentation stops naturally when the combination of high acidity, increasing alcohol and concentrated sugar finally becomes too much for the yeast and they die. The wine is aged for one year in old French oak before it is bottled and matured before release.


Bright with a light amber colour, the nose shows soft peach aromas, fresh pineapple and ripe apricot. The palate is sweet but cut by tangy acidity.