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V.S.O.P. "Audace", Janneau, Condom, 40% vol, 70cl

V.S.O.P. “Audace”, Janneau, Condom, 40% vol, 70cl

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Typical of the Janneau house style, their VSOP is a blend of carefully selected eaux-de-vie, some matured for up to 20 years in new oak casks in Janneau’s ancient cellars in Condom.


It is a blend of spirits distilled from white wines from the Baco, Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche grape varieties, produced in the two main areas of the Appellation Controlée: Bas Armagnac and Tenaréze.


It is also a combination of two different types of distillation: a double distillation in pot stills, specific to Janneau and a single distillation in a continuous still. The distillation is carried out in winter and by law must be completed by 31st March following the harvest.


The freshly distilled, transparent spirit is aged in 450 litre casks made from oak from the nearby forests of Limousin and Monlezun. Over years of ageing (the V.S.O.P. is aged for at least 7 years) the spirit acquires its woody aromas, typical amber colour and subtle tannin flavours.


Bright and amber in colour with a nose that has aromas of honey, figs, and toasted nuts. The palate is lively with a fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full bodied style;  white chocolate and caramel notes lead on to the finish that is long with honey, raisin and spice flavours.


Bottled in the distinctive, fluted basquaise bottle.


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